Our Mission: Educate and Inspire AI Developers Worldwide

Discover Artificial Intelligence is a robust company geared towards developing Artificial Intelligence solutions to benefit humanity as well as providing opportunities to aspiring computer scientists from throughout the world. Discover Artificial Intelligence has worked on projects ranging from Image Recognition, to Machine Learning Analytics for Stock Prices, to Deep Learning Generative Adversarial Networks for facial recognition.

Currently, DiscoverAI has over 3,300 Subscribers, 120,000 Minutes of Watch Time, and 100,000 Views. The company is fast-growing and aimed to provide the optimal educational experience of AI Developers worldwide. Currently, DiscoverAI is working to develop an educational platform that integrates Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Data Analytics to Optimize AI Developers’ experiences. This would be manifested by an NLP Tutor, specialized help for areas of difficulty, and Pattern Recognition in faulty code. By providing users the opportunity to run machine learning in the cloud and analyze the code to develop suggestions for fixing errors, the educational platform would greatly assist new and upcoming developers.

Any Questions? Reach out to one of the Chief Officers on the Team Page by clicking their profile image and clicking the message button. If you’re representing a company that would be a potential sponsor for Discover Artificial Intelligence, please apply in the Executive Supporter page.



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Learn about the latest DiscoverAI Machine Learning and NLP-Integrated Products, such as our premier online Machine Learning education platform.

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The DiscoverAI ML Summit is an effort to have an impact on our local community by hosting a one-day Hackathon containing lessons from experienced ML engineers in the world’s leading companies and giving high school and university students the opportunity to learn about ML in a variety of different skill levels.