DiscoverAI Machine Learning Institute

The DiscoverAI Machine Learning Institute is a premier, online Machine Learning education platform that utilizes the power of machine learning and natural language processing to help aspiring software developers and machine learning engineers become adept at the skills they wish to learn. Students have the opportunity to ask questions to an NLP-based Tutor, have the ability to engineer and run ML models in the cloud, and can have mistakes caught by an online pattern recognition editor. In addition, students can be tested on concepts by acquiring real world data and sending their code to be run in front of them in the cloud.

Pricing for this product consists of three different tiers. The Free version entails 2 free classes to be used per month, and only allows users to view the videos, answer the multiple choice questions, and have limited time training their machine learning models in the cloud. The Premium version allows users to engage in the full, hands-on experience, from the NLP Tutor to unlimited ML model training for assignments. The Ultimate version allows users to gain specific advice in terms of career direction from machine learning engineers and premier leaders in the field, in addition to one-on-one guidance on machine learning concepts discussed in the DiscoverAI Machine Learning Institute’s core curriculum.

In terms of pricing, the Premium version costs $19.99 /month and the Ultimate version costs $49.99 /month. Considering that the average machine learning engineer makes over $120,000 yearly, paying less than $600 a year is an excellent bargain, as it would amount to 0.5% of the total salary, yet far more impact on your career due to the plethora of knowledge that you gain.

To be at the forefront of when the cutting-edge DiscoverAI Machine Learning Institute has been released, make sure to fill out the following form: The release date is currently set to be August 1st, 2019.