DiscoverAI Machine Learning Summit

 The DiscoverAI ML Summit is an effort headed by DiscoverAI to have an impact on the Washington DC Metro Area local community by hosting a one-day hackathon containing lessons from experienced machine learning engineers in some of the world’s leading companies and giving students from high school and university backgrounds the opportunity to learn about machine learning in a wide variety of different skill levels, spanning from complete beginner to mid-level developer to advanced machine learning engineer.

The ML Summit will begin with Keynotes from DiscoverAI’s CEO and CTO, then several distinguished speakers representing various prevalent companies throughout the world. Each speaker will share a unique perspective of machine learning development in their respective field. Next, students will break off to each of into 3 groups for each of their respective levels of familiarity with machine learning development. After a 3 hour lecture allowing the students to learn, there will be a 5 hour long period for the competitors to develop novel products in the category that they choose. After this period, there will be a 1 hour long judging period for students to display and present their machine learning product. At the end of this event, there will be an awards ceremony for the top products, and winning members will receive gifts generously funded by our sponsors. As a result of this event, students and companies throughout the Washington DC Metro Area local community will be given the opportunity to grow and learn about each other, while developing an insatiable curiosity for machine learning, one of the most important technologies for the upcoming century.

We are currently looking for sponsors to help with event costs, in exchange for a keynote address, a booth during the event, and a topic category in the company’s interest. Please fill out the form below if your company would be interested and has a branch in near the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area in the United States. More information will appear as the date gets closer, but the tentative date for this event is in September, 2019.

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